Graphic by Steven Furbish

Cape Cod Scenes

Local Cape Cod Photos by an Old Cape Codder

Graphic by Steven Furbish
Welcome to Cape Scenes.Com

Cape Cod has so much to offer physically and visually that both the common views and the not-so-common views ought to be available to anyone who is interested. Those folks should not have to pay to see what God has provided for free so we will attempt to provide access to some of that.

It will not take a genius to determine that professional photography is not involved here. Neither are expensive cameras. The photos are taken with the same equipment you would carry or use in your daily life.

Because this is not what I do for a living, development of this site will be sporadic at best. I already have many interesting photos but need to be able to place them in a logical viewing order. Please be patient with me. I think it will be worth the wait.

(Please forgive the duplications and inconsistensies with sorting/categories. I am working on it!)

This website is currently developing. Please check back to view photos from different categories