Graphic by Steven Furbish

Cape Cod Scenes

Local Cape Cod Photos by an Old Cape Codder

Graphic by Steven Furbish

As you know, Cape Cod is a boating mecca. A lot of prople spend a lot of money buying and maintaining (or sometimes NOT maintaining) their boats for recreational or commercial fishing, or just having fun.

Sometimes, as you will see, it isn't as much fun as intended. Take a look.

Resting Comfortably in Sesuit Harbor
Ted Kennedy's "Mya" - Sesuit Harbor
"3 Graces" - Chatham Harbor
South-bound Cottage - Chatham
Hi & Dry - Barnstable Harbor
How close do YOU want to be - Cape Cod Bay
Not how you are supposed to park it - Sesuit Harbor
I always leave it here - Cape Cod Bay, Eastham
I told you it wouldn't fit - Cape Cod Bay, Barnstable
One way to read a sign - Barnstable Harbor
"Ruth & Gail" on the rocks at Sesuit Harbor
"Chip Shot" on the rocks at Sesuit Harbor
Ouch! Scorton Marsh (photo by Pete Eastman)
Why can't I park it here? - Cold Storage Beach
I guess smoking Is dangerous - Sesuit Harbor
Yup! It was too shallow - Cape Cod Bay
I'll move after I paint the bottom - Sesuit Harbor
"Sea Princess" at Race Point, Provincetown
I said I could reach it - Barnstable Marsh
Hi & Dry - First Encounter creek
Derelict at old Shiverick Boat Yard - Sesuit
Terrific parking job - Cape Cod Bay, Eastham
Funny looking boat? at Sesuit Harbor
Just resting - Race Point, Provincetown
"Dream Baby" at rest in Rock Harbor
"Another one on the rocks - Point of Rocks, Brewster
"Mast Confusion" on the beach at the "Golf Balls", N. Truro

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