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Graphic by Steven Furbish
Slow Down - Look Around

In a world where everything, and everyone, are racing along at top speed, it might be good to slow down a bit, look around you, and see what you can see. Whether it is nature (flowers, birds, animals, sky, storms, etc.) or landscapes, seascapes, boats, harbors, houses or just simple things which catch your eye, they are all worth documenting and sharing.

They may be everyday scenes to you but do you really "see" them? After all, Cape Cod is a unique place and has incredible things to see. You just have to look.

That is what Cape Scenes is about. Capturing the everyday stuff and the not-so-common scenes. And yes, sharing!

In the upper right-hand corner of this page are 3 horizontal bars. Click on those bars to choose a category of photos. (This website is developing - Please check back)

Below is a random sampling of what you will find within those categories. Some you have seen, some probably not.

Kalmar Nyckel - Provincetown
Overlook - Cape Cod Bay
Clams from Snow Shore
Great Blue Heron - Scorton Marsh
Ted Kennedy's "Mya" - Sesuit Harbor
Kite-boarding - Off Chapin's Beach
Winter in Wellfleet Harbor
A little rough at Sesuit Harbor
Trees at Rock Harbor
Ferry departing Hyannis Harbor
Foliage - Scargo Lake
Winter in Rock Harbor
Swans in South Orleans
USCG Boathouse - Stage Harbor
Wintery shoreline - Dennis
USCG - Headed for the Chatham Bar
Closed for the season
Anchor - North Chatham

This website is currently developing. Please check back to view photos from different categories